PCI Parity Error

I was asked for a quick way to identify which hardware device is logging the following entry in the hardware log:


A PCI parity error was detected on a component at bus 64 device 5 function 2.

A dump was available and thinking about a little we can do the following with the kernel memory dump.

First we need to know the bus ID in hexadecimal format, within WinDBG use .formats command.

.formats 0n64 (to entry 64 as decimal)


List the PCI tree with !pcitree extension and find bus 0x40

Bus 0x40 (FDO Ext fffffa809203ace0)

(d=5, f=0) 80863c28 devext 0xfffffa8146a171b0 devstack 0xfffffa8146a17060 0880 Base System Device/’Other’ base system device

(d=5, f=2) 80863c2a devext 0xfffffa8146a161b0 devstack 0xfffffa8146a16060 0880 Base System Device/’Other’ base system device —> Problematic device

From here we already have the command to tell us as much as possible from the device:

0: kd> !devstack 0xfffffa8146a16060

!DevObj !DrvObj !DevExt ObjectName

> fffffa8146a16060 \Driver\pci fffffa8146a161b0 NTPNP_PCI0019

!DevNode fffffa8092034d30 :

DeviceInst is “PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_3C2A&SUBSYS_04DB1028&REV_07\3&1e630cbb&0&2A”

Just a quick search for PCI\VEN_8086DEV_3C2A:


Intel Xeon Processor E5 Product Family/Core i7 Control Status and Global Errors – 3C2A – PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_3C2A

We know it is one of the CPU’s generating the PCI Parity event, but we cannot tell emphatically which one since the system has two physical CPU’s, as you can check with !sysinfo cpuinfo extension or checking the Windows Object Manager extension (!object)

Just a snipped of !object \Global??\ shows two Intel Xeon

fffff8a0006fd850 SymbolicLink ACPI#GenuineIntel_-_Intel64_Family_6_Model_45_-________Intel(R)_Xeon(R)_CPU_E5-2650_0_@_2.00GHz#10#{97fadb10-4e33-40ae-359c-8bef029dbdd0}

fffff8a0006f87c0 SymbolicLink ACPI#GenuineIntel_-_Intel64_Family_6_Model_45_-________Intel(R)_Xeon(R)_CPU_E5-2650_0_@_2.00GHz#_6#{97fadb10-4e33-40ae-359c-8bef029dbdd0}.

In this case the action plan would be to check if there are more entries at WHEA Windows logs, make sure BIOS is updated as well as firmware for the box.

I hope it helps you in your debugging.




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