My name is Alessandro Goncalves and I have been involved with technology for over 20 years now. I have special interest in Performance and Debugging Windows platforms.

This blog will have a little of my experience throughout the years as a support engineer and an avid reader.



2 Responses to About

  1. Shawn Martin says:

    Hi Alessandro,

    I’ve recently watched your presentation ‘How to uncover the secrets of Disk Latency’, I enjoyed it. I now think you’re in a different role. I’ve been running ‘Jetstress’ on an EMC VNXe3200 SAN I’m deploying, and a would like to go over the results with someone at either EMC or Microsoft. Any suggestions on who to reach out towards? I haven’t had much success from my end. What’s interesting is after adding flash drives to a SAS Pool, the throughput has increased significantly(as expected), but the ‘I/O Database Writes Average Latency’ has increased about 3x, and ‘Database Page Fault Stalls/sec’ went from 0 to over 100. The ‘Jetstress’ test still passes because the ‘I/O Database Reads Average Latency’ is below 20ms.

    • smartwindows says:

      I am sorry Shawn. I have not looked in the blog for a while. I have seen this behavior on all FLASH arrays. But the issue was with Repurposed Pages per Second. Page Fault Stalls should always be zero and Jetstress should fail, regardless of the Write Latency.
      As far as EMC you can work with DELL support now.

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